Career Clusters

Transportation and Logistics careers focus on moving products and people by roads, air, railways and water. Transportation of goods is the lifeblood of our economy. Thanks to truck drivers, there is food on the shelves of grocery stores or packages delivered to your door. Logistics careers manage the network of trucks, planes, buses and ships to make sure products and people safety get to the right place on time.

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  • Customer service
  • Technical aptitude
  • Likes to work with hands
  • Problem solver
  • Detailed-oriented


Job Facts and Wages

  • $149, 737- $28, 376 per year
  • May work more than 40 hours a week because overtime is common.
  • Sometimes deal with noise levels that are distracting or uncomfortable.


Skills and Trainings

  • Read and undestand work-related materials
  • Repair machines or systems.
  • Determine the causes of technical problems and find solutions for them.
  • Operate and control equipment.
  • Know one's location in a physical setting and recognize where other objects are located in relation to oneself. 
  • Manage the time of self and others.


Source: Illinois Pathways