Career Clusters

Healthcare careers focus on the health and well-being of patients, and advancing the cause of medicine. Work is performed generally in hospitals or clinics, but can also be found in offices, nursing facilities, and increasingly people's homes.

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Is this for me?

  • Enjoy math and science
  • Patient
  • Work well under stress
  • Empathetic
  • Interested in human body


Job Facts and Wages

  • $127,537-$28,812 per year
  • Usually work a 40-hour week, although longer hours are not uncommon.
  • Must be sure that all details are done and their work is accurate. Erros in diagnosis or treatment could seriously endanger patients' health.


Skills and Trainings

  • Understand written and spoken information.
  • Judge the costs and benefits of a possible action.
  • Use scientific methods to solve problems.
  • Combine several pieces of information and draw conclusions.
  • Look for ways to help people.


Source: Illinois Pathways