Spring 2019
Spring 2019

opening Presentations

Innovation & Collaboration: How Education & Industry Can Partner to Build the Foundations of Success

Dr. Mark Daniel, Superintendent, Unit 5

Dr. Barry Reilly, Superintendent, District 87

The McLean County Public Education System represents the foundation for the continued economic development and success of our community. This can only be achieved through effective collaboration with industry partners to develop innovative learning opportunities for our students. 


Hitting the Mark: How Education is Answering the Call

Gary Tipsord, Superintendent, LeRoy Schools

Tom Frazier, Director, Bloomington Area Career Center

Public Education continues to be adaptive and responsive to the ever-evolving demands of industry and uses a forward-thinking approach to producing high-quality students capable of performing in the modern world. In this presentation, we will show how schools are meeting industry needs and the specific demands of McLean County employers.

Keynote Presentations 



Breakout Sessions


Innovation & Responsiveness: Introduction to the "New" Collar

Addressing Employer Needs Through Innovation and Collaboration

Gary Tipsord, Superintendent of LeRoy Schools

Tom Frazier, Director, Bloomington Area Career Center

Presentation and handouts


Career & College Pathways: Developing Our Future Talent Pipeline

Aligning Education to Career Readiness

Dr. Andrew Wise, Superintendent of Olympia CUSD 16

Laura O'Donnell, Assistant Superintendent of Olympia CUSD 16
Presentation and handouts


Work-based Learning, Internships & Opportunities to Connect with Students

The Employers Role in Preparing Students for Work

Presented by: Rebecca Henderson, SMARTPath Education Services

Julie Hinman, Unit 5 ~ Innovative Entrepreneurs

Presentation and handouts
Classroom Connections Platform
Classroom to Career Playbook