Essential Workplace Skills (EWS) was co-developed by the McLean County Chamber of Commerce, COMPACT, and Heartland Community College.  The EWS workshops promote critical workplace behaviors and ensure incumbent workers are set up to succeed, regardless of industry.


Essential Workplace Skills (EWS) sessions are offered through

Heartland Community College Continuing Education






Essential Workplace Skills (EWS):   Created with insights from over 140 local employers and developed with industry professionals, Essential Workplace Skills (EWS) provide an intentional and consistent approach to soft-skills training.


The EWS series consists of the following workshops:

· Practicing Professionalism at Work

· Communicating Effectively

· Using Effective Tools for Decision-Making and Goal-Setting

· Navigating Challenges and Stressors

· Understanding Customer Service Essentials

· Advancing Equality, Diversity, and Inclusiveness


In addition, each workshop delivers action plans for immediate, on-the-job integration.


Open Enrollment Sessions

Typical open-enrollment sessions are four-hours. They can be taken in any order, either individually or as a series for maximum benefit. Your employees will enjoy collaborating with participants across a wide range of industries and organizations by way of small group activities, role-playing scenarios, and discussions for an interactive, engaging learning experience.


Customized Sessions

Heartland Community College Continuing Education can offer your organization a customized EWS training when and where you need it. Sequence of topics, length of each session, and follow-up plans reflect employee needs and organizational priorities. Learning activities parallel those of open-enrollment, except your employees will learn alongside coworkers, reinforcing internal relationships and approaches.